Political Teams

PEFY Political Teams

Have you ever thought about our responsibility as Christians in society? Or about how God sees Europe and public life? Or about where the needs are?

Do you want to have a glimpse of what it is to be a Christian at places of power and influence?

Are you considering or do you currently have a position or career in places of power and influence?

God calls his people to be his ambassadors in the world, demonstrating the Gospel and its values in personal and public spheres of life. God changes society by enabling his people to make a difference in their spheres of influence.

The PEFY-MissionNet Political Weekends are made for students, practitioners and interested Christians who want a short training on issues of politics, economics, the media and law, and also clues on how to have more (and better) impact in the society. They are organised in a very easy way with a focus on getting to learn from people who are already active as politicians, lobbyists, civil servants etc. We give participants opportunity to seek knowledge and wisdom in the Bible and understand our world, as well as to pray in an informed way for our leaders, nations and continent. They take place in Brussels and offer an opportunity of visiting the European Parliament there and meeting Christian politicians.

Join us at one of these! The PEFY Political Weekend will be a stepping stone in your Christian formation.


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