About Us

PEFY – Pentecostal European Forum for Youth Ministries

A channel to support, promote and link the Pentecostal European youth leaders, ministries and organisations.


About Us

Pefy organizes conferences which bring together youth leaders from various European countries and youth organisations.

The main event is the annual conference for the national leaders of the youth ministries of PEF member movements. In 2014, we launch the next level of networking: PEFY Regional Round Tables. They will take place in six different regions around Europe, and enhance closer cooperation between neighbouring countries’ youth leaders. Through the branches of the PEFY, different youth ministries are also able to exchange and share resources, join for continent-wide prayer for Europe, and network with others who work in the areas of evangelism, short-term missions, and school or student ministries. PEFY is an international platform with a goal to serve the young Europeans, their leaders and churches, and be a channel of support and blessing for them.


Our Structure
Presently, PEFY has 18 members (national youth ministries of Pentecostal movements) and two associate members (pan-European youth organizations).Their representatives are invited to participate in PEFY conferences and other events. It is possible also to apply to join the network. For membership applications, please contact the PEFY office.The operative work of the PEFY is lead by the board, which is elected by the PEFY Annual business meeting, where every PEFY member organisation has one vote.Presently, the board of PEFY has five members, including chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and two other members. Also the treasurer of the PEFY is works closely with the board. All PEFY members are welcome to give their input into the common work. Together we want to see a changed Europe with an empowered youth. Paving the way for the next generation!


Our Vision

PEFY aims to connect, to impact, and to increase the visibility of Pentecostal European youth through networks and youth exchange programs according to the example given by Jesus.

Our History

It was on the 8th of June in 2003 that a couple of national leaders involved in ministry with young people from different European countries met during the Pentecostal European Conference in the hall called “Europe” in Berlin.link, build relationships, share experiences in youth ministry, pray together in annual meetings and prepare youth events at European Conferences.In 2006 the small network decided to develop and become more official in regards to the PEF (Pentecostal European Fellowship) a network representing more than 3.500.000 members from different Pentecostal churches and organizations across Europe.The year 2008 was the turning point and an official board was established. It’s goal is to develop PEFY into an recognized European network of more than 250,000 youth, ready to input the local church based on youth exchange, impact teams At that time, the goal was to (evangelism), training and conferences.

Pefy in Practice

PEFY organizes a yearly conference, which brings together national youth leaders from various European countries and youth organisations. The conference is hosted by a different PEFY member movement every year.

Meet the Pefy Board Team Members!




David and his wife Myriam have a great passion for the youth, and both believe that God is moving mightily among this generation and that we’re going to see revival across Belgium and Europe through the youth. They also serve on the board of multiple ministries (explosion, CJ, and act as overseers of a local church youth group). They have 2 kids; Kevin (21) and Chelsy (15).


Vice Chairman

Jeff and Aileen are Assemblies of God missionaries from the USA to Europe, and have served in Austria in the national and local youth ministry, as well as Europe-wide in the PEFY network. They are preparing to return to Europe to serve the youth of the continent – for which their hearts are burning!


Board Member

The coordinator of PEM and in the board of PEFY since 2008, and is based in Brussels at the PEFY-PEM office since 2011. She is a Finnish missionary serving the kingdom of God, burning for Europe, youth, evangelism, global missions, and influencing the societies.


Board Member

A Hungarian youth leader in her local church and she is also the leader of the National Pentecostal Teen Movement called Christeens. Her heart is for young people both christian and troubled kids, as she also teaches in a drop-out high school. She loves to recruit and support new generation leaders, so they would go far beyond present leaders and would reach young people more effectively.


Board Member

 has been in evangelistic ministry in Europe since the Age of 20. Working as a leader in the Missionsorganisation  ”Jesus Revolution” he´s been travelling and ministering in more than 20 European Nations. After being part of starting up the “2go ” movement with No Limit in Germany he is now finishing his pastoral education with the Pentacostal Movement in Germany. Based in Berlin, he is involved in the leadership of his local church, outreach ministry and social work cross – denominational ministries in Berlin and Germany and serving the PEFY Board since 2012. His Heart is to creating a platform of network and exchange of resources, tools, experience for the European Youth- and National Youthleaders.

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